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Our Hospital provides consultations in the mornings, afternoon & evenings providing you with a wide range of times to bring your pets to see us.

Consults are run on an appointment basis but emergencies will be given priority.

While our vets provide consult for all species we are lucky to have veterinarians with special interest in certain areas.

Annual Health Check and Vaccinations


We recommend annual health checks and vaccinations.

Our pets age much quicker than we do making annual health checks important, we can pick up any health problems if they arise and start treating them early giving your pet the best chance of a full recovery.

Vaccinations will give your pet vital immunity against diseases that can be fatal.

Doing this gives your pet the best chance of having a long and healthy life.

When vaccinating puppies and kittens need a course of injections before they start annual vaccinations.  Please contact the clinic for further information on what your new puppy or kitten will need.

Diseases we vaccinate against for Dogs

Diseases we vaccinate against for Cats

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