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Dr Brett Russel has membership in avian medicine & surgery (birds) he has over 20 year experience treating Birds.


Brett performs a wide range of services including:


  • Consultations

  • Nutrition

  • Husbandry

  • Surgery

    • Soft tissue​

    • Orthopaedic 

    • Reproductive

  • Radiology

  • Laboratory tests

    • Blood samples 

    • Faecal samples

    • Sexing

    • Beak and feather

    • Common disease

  • Wing Clipping

  • Nail & Beak trim

  • Microchipping

  • Hormone implants - Suprelorin

When your bird comes in for a visit Brett would like you to bring:


  • Samples of food/packets.

  • A fresh sample of droppings.

  • Any supplements or medications being used.

When Transporting:

  • Cover your cage with a towel if cold/windy.

  • Remove water from cage to prevent spills.

  • Place padding on the bottom of the cage if weak, towels etc.

  • Keep stress to a minimum.

Brett recommends annual checks for his avian patients to continue to maintain their health and well being,  This allows Brett to pick up any issues early to treat them promptly.

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