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Dental Disease is really common in our pets. Up to 50% of dogs and 40% of cats will have signs of dental disease by the age of 4. Our pets are very good at hiding signs of dental disease and will often eat and 'act normally' even with very diseased teeth.

Dental disease is a painful condition, causes infection and has been linked to disease elsewhere in the body including heart disease, kidney and liver disease. Dental disease also smells terrible - we can give your pet nice smelling breath again!

It is not possible for us to fully assess the health of your pets teeth in the consult room but we can get a good idea. Under a full general anaesthetic we can not only see all sides of each tooth, but can probe the teeth, perform dental xrays and fully assess the health of the mouth and properly treat any dental or oral disease.

Our hospital is equipped with dental radiography and an ultrasonic dental scaling machine and dental drill to allow us to perform high quality dental care.

All our dental procedures that have teeth extracted have local anaesthetic blocks and systemic pain relief during the procedure and afterward at home.


Regular dental check ups are performed during yearly health checks and vaccinations. Some pets require more frequent dental checks if they are more prone to dental problems.


Preventative measures are always recommended to ensure ongoing dental care. Check out our dental care page for more information.

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