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Here is some information to think about prior to your initial behaviour consult.

During the consult we will be asking lots of questions to find out how your dog feels in certain situations and it’s good to have time to ponder this ahead of time.

Please bear in mind we will want to know what your dog does, rather than what you do in certain situations.


  • What behaviour’s does your dog show on walks? Is your dog reactive to or fearful to anything on walks?

  • How does your dog interact with familiar dogs?

  • How does your dog react to noises both within the home and outside the home?

  • Is your dog reactive to people or dogs on the street?

  • How does your dog cope when you leave them at home?

  • What does your dog think of visitors?

  • How does your dog behave in the in car?

  • Does your dog guard any locations, items or treats?

  • Does your dog exhibit any compulsive or repetitive behaviours?

  • How well does your dog sleep?


Thank you for spending the time to think about these scenarios.  We are looking forward to helping you.

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