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The hospital performs a wide range of surgical procedures at the hospital on a daily basis.

Types of surgery we perform.


We perform desexing for all species. Desexing is required by the council and we recommend desexing most dogs at 6-9 months.

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Soft Tissue Surgery

Surgery of skin, muscles and organs. We commonly perform mass removals for skin lumps but also offer more advanced procedures such as anal gland removal, eye surgery (including cherry eye surgery), bladder surgery and exploratory laparotomies for treatment of many conditions including foreign body ingestion, diagnostics and cancer treatment.


Cruciate ligament disease is a very common cause of limping in dogs. We offer the TPLO procedure for treatment of this disease. As well as surgery for patella luxation, hip procedures and fracture repair.

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Emergency surgery may need to be performed to treat certain conditions including caesarian sections, pyometra, wound repair, bleeding wounds or internal injuries/conditions.


Cancer Treatment (Oncology)

Cancer is common in our pets. From skin and eyelid lumps through to splenic and intestinal cancers. Treatment is often surgical but we also offer chemotherapy and adjunctive therapy if indicated.


Dr Brett performs surgery on all bird species.

Soft tissue, orthopaedic, reproductive and emergency.

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