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Brushing Dog's Teeth
Yawning Cat
Dental Care

Our hospital recommends regular dental checks to achieve good oral care, we provide advice and products to achieve this.  Prevention is the key to keeping your pet happy and healthy.

Our nurses provide free dental assessments for our clients pets, during this appointment they will assess your pets teeth for dental disease and recommend what action needs to be taken.  This may include:

  • Brushing your pets teeth.

  • Feeding your dog or cat a prescription dental diet.

  • Appointment with one of our veterinarians to assess your pets overall health.

  • Appointment to have your pets teeth scaled and polished under anaesthetic.

Why is dental prevention important?

Dental disease untreated will cause pain and discomfort to your pet. Dental disease is common but with the right guidance and advice you can reduce the chance of your pets dental disease progressing.

What can I do at home?

Brushing your pets teeth twice daily is the best way to prevent plaque build up. Do not use human tooth paste. There are dog and cat toothpastes available that are safe to use. We have a number of pet dental products and lots of advice about how to train your pet to accept tooth brushing as part of their care regime.

Dental diets are a fantastic way to help reduce bacterial numbers in the mouth and provides mechanical cleaning of the teeth. Our recommended dental diets have been clinical proven to reduce signs of dental disease.


Dental treats and chews can all help with the reduction of plaque. 

Dental mouth washes and water additives. Some products may help in some cases although alone they aren't enough to control dental disease. 


Call us to book a free nurse dental check and alongside our vets we can tailor an individualised dental care plan for your pet. Call us to make an appointment or visit the hospital to see the range of products we have available.

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