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Just as in other pets a microchip supplies a simple method of identification for a bird and can be used to reunite a lost bird with it’s owners or family, as well as prove ownership in cases of dispute or theft.


The microchip is a small silicone implant that contains a unique code that can be read by a special scanner just as in dogs and cats. That code is registered on implantation to a specific pet.  Owners supply all their contact details for the register and in the event of a bird being lost/stolen. When found they  are then scanned, the number on the chip is entered into the database and the details of the owner recovered.  This allows the owner to be contacted as soon as possible and be reunited with their beloved bird.


The procedure of implanting the chip is similar to the procedure in dogs and cats but there are a few differences:

  • A very short anaesthetic is required.

  • It is implanted into the breast muscle to prevent any irritation with it sitting under the skin.

  • Birds skin is so thin so deep implantation is required, this prevents easy removal if the bird was to fall into the wrong hands.

  • A stitch is required or medical glue to close the skin and prevent any chance of the chip migrating back out through the implantation site.

This procedure is quick and with an anaesthetic is stress and pain free.

Please make sure you keep your details up to date with the microchip company to give your bird the best chance of coming home to you.



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