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Radiology - Xrays

Radiology is used on a daily basis at the hospital to diagnose many things from a sore leg to heart disease.

X-rays of legs, hips and spines allows to detect arthritis, fractures, joint disease, spinal disease, hip dysplasia and many other disease processes.

Chest x-rays enable us to look at the size of the heart, the lungs, vessels in the chest and detect infections or cancers.

Abdominal x-rays give us information about what a patient may have eaten(!), we can see the liver, bladder and other organs.

Dental x-rays give us important information about dental health.

There isn't really a part of the body that we can't x-ray and get useful information from. We have a digital x-ray machine which ensures high quality images very efficiently.

X-rays may be recommended by our vets if indicated to help treat a problem with your pet. Call us to if you need an appointment with one of our vets.

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