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Puppy School Registration

Your puppy's all booked in what happens now?

Complete the form below and look out for your virtual classroom welcome email - it sometimes finds its way into the junk folder so please check.

The virtual classroom has a lesson plan for each week you attend class with us, you will receive an email and the lesson to work through beforehand.

Please note children under 10 will need adult supervision

Your first class

  • Bring your puppy in a soft collar, harness and lead (no slip  chains please)

  • Bring some yummy treats you like to use when training.

  • Please feed 1/4-1/2 their normal dinner before class, if your puppy has a full tummy they will not work for treats in class

Your puppy school registration has been successfully submitted, please check your inbox for your welcome email, we look forward to seeing you and your puppy in school soon.

As part of our puppy school classes, we will be taking some photos.    I give consent for Southcoast Animal Hospital to use and display photos of my puppy for use in their waiting room, website or social media pages.

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