Caring for your pet bird

There are a huge variety of birds available as pets. Each variety has unique characteristics, colours, sizes, temperament and special needs so it’s important that you learn and gather as much information as possible. This will help you choose the right bird for your needs and also cater adequately for the bird’s needs too.



Nutrition is far and away the most important aspect of keeping your bird healthy.

The most important part of nutrition is knowing what your bird actually eats.

This often does not correlate with what is put in the cage as they will pick out what they want and leave the rest.

The simplest way to ensure a balanced diet is by using a balanced pelleted food as the basis of their diet.  Pelleted food consists of a balanced diet that is specifically formulated for each species concerned.


New Bird Health Checks

There are two main issues to think about when you get a new bird.


  • Quarantine

  • Health check

animal-avian-beak-1257855(1) - Copy.jpg


A topic that has received a lot of attention in the last few years is enrichment for all our various pet species. This is especially relevant for our pet birds.


Wing Clipping


Birds are designed to fly. Unfortunately this does make it very easy for your pet to get itself into trouble. Many pet owners manage to lose their pets when they “flyaway”. In other instances the bird may fly into something and injure itself or land close to another pet that may injure it.


Nail and Beak Trimming

Nail trimming is a painless procedure to shorten or blunten the nails as they continually grow.

Beak trimming is an unusual necessity as the avian beak is designed to wear itself down with use and maintain its shape.