Annual Health Check and Vaccination

Annual health checks and vaccinations allow our vets to detect any problems early and address any questions you may have about the health of your pet.

A full health exam is included with all our vaccinations.

Behavioural Consultaions


Behavioural problems can be a challenging and difficult condition to treat. We also understand that many pets aren't the happiest at the vets, so take the time to reduce stress in our patients.



Our experienced veterinarians will see, diagnose and treat a variety of medical conditions. Our hospital is equipped with all the diagnostic tools needed to provide a complete service of medical work up and provide the best standard of care and  treatment.

Cat friendly environment to reduce stress


Cats have the added stress of meeting lots of dogs during their visit as well as a car journey and a new environment.

We have a designated cat consult room, a designated cat ward should they need to stay and all our cat areas have Feliway Diffusers that help to reduce this stress.

Bird (Avian)  information


Dr Brett Russell has treated birds for over 25 years and has a Membership in Avian Medicine.  Dr Brett assesses and treats your birds with a variety of issues including preventative care, medical issues, diagnostics and surgery.

Emergency consultation, procedures and surger


Emergencies are always given priority and will be assessed by our experienced team as soon as they arrive.

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